A good start to a new year

19 Jan

Welcome to 2013 and it’s been quite eventful already.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to do monthly releases at the start of each month or not but I felt fairly happy having completed the resolution of at least one e-title every month last year so I put this up on 1st Jan.  Smashwords — Letters Home — A book by Ray Daley.

Last year I submitted a flash story to 365 Tomorrow in mid November.  I then got an email back from them on 12th Jan 2013 telling me my story was going to appear on the front page that day.

Here it is!  Return From Red Zone : 365 tomorrows : A New Flash of Science Fiction Every Day.

So I was quite pleased.  So I had a little shufti around and found somewhere else I was curious about sending work to, the folks at Linguistic Erosion.  On the same day I sent them something, got an email back on 14th Jan that they were going to publish it.

And on 16th Jan it went up, here:- The Man Who Was Twelve Bears | Linguistic Erosion.

On the same day I submitted something else to them and late that day they emailed back but I didn’t see it until the following day – they’d accepted that as well!  So today they published me again!

And that’s here :- Ground Zero | Linguistic Erosion.

I’d also like to thank the people at QuasarDragon.  for their support and plugs of some of my work last year.  Thanks very much folks, it’s deeply appreciated.

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