7 Aug

I am a writer.  But I am also a Human Being.

So I worry.  I worry about upsetting people.

I worry about causing offence.


I’ve written about the Christian Religion and its God a few times.

Each time I’ve always been concerned about if people ever found those stories offensive or upsetting.


This is never my intention.

I like to be able to challenge perspectives.


Recently I’ve written a story based in Auschwitz in which I used the German word for Jew, in context.  Again, I worried about causing offense when it is published.


Yesterday I wrote a speculative fiction piece called Incursion.

It involved the use of Time Travel to change the then current future by influencing Hitler as a child.

It also featured a swastika (as well as a peace sign) on the cover.  Again I worried about causing offence.


Do I worry too much?

Or am I just being human?

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