more thoughts about writing I wrote on Google plus

31 Jul

(Written in April)

I’ve read lots of things about how people recommend you find inspiration for new ideas to write about. I am a writer. Some of you might have noticed me advertising my ebooks on Smashwords & Feedbooks.

I don’t think there’s any sure-fire way of finding new ideas. Personally I attribute creative drought to a couple of things. Stress and burnout.

Most writers stress a lot, about deadlines, about about finding inspiration.
As I currently don’t write for profit I have no deadlines apart from the one I self-imposed when I made my New Years Resolution.

We’re into April now and I have managed to stick to it – so far.
It was fairly simple, write one new ebook and publish per month.
I’ve written 34 since October last year.
Which equates to 4 per month so far.

Sometimes I’m writing and another idea will occur to me and I’ll actually have to stop to write that new idea down. And before I even started I had a small collection of ideas and stories, from 1 line to a synopsis to partially written pieces.

I’ve got no set length I aim at. As long as I can finish it, that’s all I really care about. Absolutely anything can give you an idea. Just be sure to have something to note them down on as there’s nothing worse than forgetting a potentially good idea then not being able to recall it.

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