“Letter To a Friend”, a writing technique

23 Jul

I read about this on another blog here:- I Don’t Want To Write – Part II | Story A Day.

I call this “The Pitch”.

Quite frequently I’ll start writing an idea and run out of steam and be unable to finish it.  So what I do is explain the story to my mum or brother and that normally gets me to the point where I start filling in holes or adding extra stuff.

Also bouncing the idea off a second person quite often gets them giving you pointers or asking questions which gets you thinking in new directions you hadn’t previously explored.  When you have to explain the idea to someone else clearly and simply it’s actually quite a challenge because you want to tell them everything and that often means you get new ideas in the process.

“The Pitch” can be incredibly helpful.

Even late at night when everyone else is asleep I quite frequently pitch to myself which can have a similar effect, you start filling in gaps and saying “well, I could do this” which kickstarts your creative process.

If alone The Pitch can be done when you are away from where you normally write, I quite frequently brainstorm whilst making food as I am then not in the “creative” mode and I get ideas from different parts of my brain.

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