23 Jul

I’m not really much for being held to anything. I hate deadlines.  But sometimes there is a need to be accountable for things, writing is one of those things for me.

My way of holding myself accountable is to date my work, even individual stories within a collection.

I’ll put down the date it was started which is normally also the date it was finished.  Because the stuff I am writing is short then it’s generally finished the same day I start it.  This way I can say “I did THIS on THAT day.” and be 100% certain of it.  Because it’s there in black and white

Things can happen, life throws stuff at you.

I’ve never really written anything long.
Normally reaching 5000 words is a lot to me.

I’m a “barriers” person.  I see them.  I am a trier.  God loves a trier, that’s what they say.

I’m not always happy but I’ll take being satisfied over forced happiness any day.

If I can achieve something I set out to do then I am satisfied.  I don’t do being happy all that much.

It’s massively over rated.

Right now I am fairly satisfied because I have completed all my stories for the year.

I’ve heard something about an idea in September, a story a day.

I’m not sure if I can do it, if I can manage to finish something every day, especially without burning myself out creatively.

Right now it’s not a definite, the people doing it aren’t even sure if it’s happening.  If it does I’d quite like to get involved.

I’d rather try and fail.  The only way you can learn what you can’t do is by failing.

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