Writing Landmarks

11 Jul

As a writer there are various yardsticks that mark sucess.

Publishing your first book for money.

Yesterday I reached another.  Someone deemed my work worthy of stealing.

I discovered “The Case Of The Invisible Man” had been posted on an ebook forum (without my knowledge and certainly without my permission or consent).  As it was placed there without my being asked, I deem this as stealing. I know the ebook is free but I wasn’t asked for permission for it to be rehosted.

The person who posted it had downloaded the PDF file off Feedbooks then tried (very badly) to convert that into a MOBI & EPUB.  He/She did a right hatchet job there.  I can say that because:-

A) It’s my book and I know what the “proper” non-converted versions look like.

B) I know what a badly converted PDF looks like. (It was one).

C) This is my blog and I can saw what I damn well like here without any forum person getting uppity about it.

I have politely sent the poster a PM asking them to either take down the thread or change their links to point at the actual book on Feedbooks & Smashwords.

We’ll see what happens.

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