Thoughts on research

29 Jun

I like my stories to be accurate, as accurate as possible if they have any factual content.

So this involves doing research.  Sometimes research can be incredibly dull and boring, like having to read about Hitlers life during WW1 or reading about the order US States were formed.  Super dull, right?


Other times research can be really good fun.

Like the time where I had read “The Rollerball Murders”. 

Then watch Rollerball.  Twice.


I can be a bit anal about wanting to be as factual as I can be, to the point where it actually gets in the way of the storytelling. I actually came across this problem when I wrote my first story I decided to sell.  I had a great idea but the facts ruined it so I had to go with my own reality on that occasion.

Facts are important to me.  Google is brilliant 99% of the time.


You can ask it incredibly stupid questions you’d think it’d never possibly have an answer for.

After all, how many other people are going want to know what terminal velocity on Mars is?


Facts can be great.  Just don’t let them get in the way of an otherwise awesome story.

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