Interstellar Cola Wars

21 Jun

Interstellar Cola Wars, A Flash Fiction Story by Raymond Daley

The first Humans to land on their planet were treated with indifference until they produced their most famous product.

Unaware it was a beverage, the locals did many other things with it, including dying their clothes, washing their hair and using it as a moisteriser until the translator software caught up and the crew were able to tell the aliens it was a drink.

So they drank it.  And left many samples behind.
Twelve months passed and their biggest rival company landed, the first thing they saw were the empty cans.

A hacked version of the local dialect was already loaded aboard so when this particular crew met the inhabitants they were instantly able to tell them this new wonder they brought along was a drink.  One to be savoured with friends, enjoyed with a meal or a snack.  And the samples were handed out.

Not before every red and white can was picked up and recycled by the OTHER cola companies crew.  Enough was left to last at least five years.

After another twelve months had passed, a third rocket landed on the planet.
This was crewed by market researchers, all eager to learn which of the two Cola drinks the natives of this world preferred.

Why the endorsement rates were positively astronomical!  So to speak.
The marketing man had the amalgamation of both the previous crews translations.
Their head approached the Chief of the planet.
“Oh mighty Chief!  Which of the two Cola drinks does your planet prefer?”

The Chief thought long and hard before he finally answered.
“We all liked the black one.”


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