18 Jun

Feeling pretty crappy today (bad tummy), so am fairly relieved to have finished my flash fiction collection.  I decided that 28 stories was a nice round number in the end.

Each story has authors notes and there is a brief intro by me at the start explaining why I did the whole thing in the first place.  Not that anyone really cares.

I am going to make a check through my ideas folder and story notes to see what else might potentially be easier as a flash story, it’s a good way of weeding stuff out and using it rather than seeing it get rejected for being too much to do or not having legs to go very far.

There’s nothing worse than starting something only to discover it won’t float.


My new (unlocked) Kindle is two months old today, only another 30 days before I can legally jailbreak it and start adding some decent screensavers.


Hopefully I can finish “The Night Bus” before the end of this month, I am already working on the penultimate trip and I have a really clear vision of the ending, just not how the two link. Yet.

I’d also quite like to finish “Panic Over Metropolis” before the end of next month.  I guess we’ll have to see what other ideas occur to me in the mean time.

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