Short and sweet

20 Sep

Just finished another short story, 1126 words.
A place name that gave me an idea that it certainly shouldn’t be what it appeared to say it was.
Had the idea yesterday, wrote it all just now, off the notes I jotted down in bed.

Been busy

18 Sep

I submitted a story to Midnight Breakfast yesterday.

I also wrote a short just now, literally JUST finished it.

1126 words, an odd little piece. I had a title and a fragment of idea that I think I managed to make work.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 38.

17 Sep

Just finished this weeks Bradbury Challenge story, I jotted down the outline in the early hours so I wouldn’t forget it. 2723 words, took about 3 hours including the break for lunch.

I apologise to the ten fictional British soldiers that I had to kill. Sorry lads.
It pained me to do it, but you had to go so the rest could live.
It was rather beautiful and very poignant.

The only thing I had to change was the name of the camp, as it already existed in Minsk.

Now I might write the other idea I had when I was about 2 paragraphs into this one.
I don’t think anyone has ever done that idea. Or this one, come to that.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 37.

10 Sep

Just finished this weeks Bradbury Challenge story, 1148 words.

It was an idea I had two weeks ago but didn’t really have an ending for so I didn’t do anything with it at the time. I didn’t even write the outline down. So this idea has survived in my head for two weeks, 14 sleeps.

So it must have been worth finally writing if I remembered it that long after writing so many new piece in the meantime, too.

Ending isn’t super great but not terrible either. I’m satisfied that it’s as good as I could come up with.


It’s also worth noting I got an answer back from Third Flatiron Publishing, a polite rejection. Never mind.

Not JUST one!

9 Sep

I actually wrote TWO stories yesterday.

Fairly late into the afternoon I had an idea, and it struck such a chord that I started writing it as soon as I got back to the computer. And I didn’t finish it until a little after 1am this morning.

I wasn’t writing non-stop though. I was having breaks, off and on. But it was a good 4 hours work.

3859 words, eventually.


No writing at ALL today.

I need to rest my brain for tomorrow, plus my left lower eyelid is puffing up & hurting quite a bit.

So my Blepharitis is flaring up again. That’s annoying.

Keep on writing!

8 Sep

Just typed up another story that I handwrote whilst in bed in the early hours of this morning.1551 words.
Not a bad little piece at all if I do say so myself.
Even a fairly respectable ending and I’m normally VERY hard on myself about those.
Did some rewriting on the fly as I typed up, changed a few things.
Generally it typed up exactly as I wrote it though.

Just Write!

7 Sep

I’ve been keeping busy.

Wrote a weird WW2 related story last night, 905 words. Didn’t work out how I planned but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Just wrote a short off a prompt from reddit, 1179 words.

One where I wasn’t 100% sure of the ending but it seemed to gel together okay.

I’d rather be happy I’ve written and finshed something even if it’s not great than have not finished or have not written at all.


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