Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 35.

27 Aug

Just finished this weeks story, it was from an idea I wrote down in early February!
1415 words in total, quite happy with that.
A fairly open ending too, not too bad.

Got a few ideas to write down, several to finish too.

I’m keeping busy.

Oh, and considering it’s only week 35, I’ve written 100 stories this year.

Taking rejection in your stride

26 Aug

Received word back from Fantasy & Science Fiction Submission.

C.C. Finlay had some very kind words, but in the end it was a rejection.
Some nice comments and I’ll definitely be submitting again when he does this next time.

Just makes me more determined to write something even better.

“Who Goes There?” is a good story. It’s different. Someone will like it.
They might even pay me money for it.

All writers know this:- There’s no such thing as a sure thing.
You will NEVER know what’s going to be a hit.
Stuff I’ve written, hated & still released has got good reviews. 5 stars!
So you never know what others will like.
So just keep writing, just keep trying.

To quote Bjork “One day it’ll happen, one day it’ll all come true.”

Have a poem!

25 Aug

Sitting in my little boat, I will need my overcoat,
If I sink or if I float, I will sail my little boat.
The little boat; it is my life, the stormy sea; the waves of strife,
They can sink me if they must, In myself I know I trust.

The Ship, A Flash Fiction Story

24 Aug

The Ship, A Flash Fiction Story by Ray Daley.

“The ship’s not working, can you check the instruments please Bob?”
“We’ve got a drum kit & a nord synth. You know what that means Rob?”
“Yes Bob, of course I do. It means we’re both fucked.”
“Great Rob. In that case I just wanted to say I never liked your mother.”


An up and down day. More down than up

21 Aug

I typed up a story I handwrote in bed late last night/early this morning.

I mainly did it to keep my mind busy this morning. As this afternoon I attended my oldest sisters funeral. Possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Barely held it together.

Anyway. Writing. A whole story, 908 words. A decent-ish ending.

I’m keeping my nose to the grindstone, I don’t want to let this low hurt my productivity.
I don’t think my sister would want us to do anything but live our lives as normally as we are able without her. She is with me in my heart forever.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 34.

20 Aug

Not long finished this weeks story, inspired by another reddit writing prompt.

Came out at 1410 words. Not long, but long enough to say what I wanted it to.
Not entirely terrible, not great either.

It won’t set the literary world on fire.

At least I am done for this week.
Now I’ve got to get my head into the right frame of mind to attend my oldest sisters funeral tomorrow.

This isn’t going to be easy.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 33.

14 Aug

Just finished this weeks story, 4408 words.

I had a different idea on Wednesday but it just wouldn’t fly. There wasn’t enough to it to make it work, no matter how I approached it.
I waited until today and wrote this one fairly easily apart from the ending which is pretty terrible and will need work.

But it IS finished.

I wasn’t sure how I’d manage this week after the death of my oldest sister.
I’m sure she’d want us to carry on living our lives as normally as possible.

I’m more determined than ever not to fail this far through the year now.
I want to succeed. Not just for me.


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